Friday, September 4, 2009

The first step: Trust

For a while I've been debating what my first post should consist of. My current view of stance practice, the going-ons in my own life, maybe a lengthy entry on my future training goals and concerns. But then I realized; why not just write about the one thing that has gotten me past many struggles in my own life (as recently as a few days back) that should be at the root of the beginner's mind: Trust.

Trust in the positive, trust in others guidance, trust in the limitless potential of the vast human mind. Trust that "yes, you can", and trust in everything being "OK". This trust I refer to is not necessarily a blind trust, rather, a trust that encourages the seeking and realization of OPPORTUNITY in the moment.

Trust has gotten me a long way, and as I learn to trust in my own practices (zhan zhuang and the wujifa system, etc.) I am beginning to understand more and more the benefits of such a simple word. Trust yields curiousity, trust builds connections, and trust forges opportunities we might not have had before.

Do you truly trust in your own practices or are you drudging through, SEEKING and FORCING what shouldn't be sought or forced? As I play with zhan zhuang more and more, these are some obstacles I continue to tend with. "Once you get the feeling, get rid of the method" as we here at Wujifa like to say, but how do we truly get the feeling without a forceful method? And why do we lose the feeling if we try too hard to hold on to it? Do we not truly trust in the method or am I missing the mark completely?

Zhan Zhuang is such a simple ( ;) ) yet seemingly daunting practice. As I continue on this path as a "beginner" I do not hope to one day "master" such a practice yet try to remind myself to enjoy the practice itself. Maybe, one day, this trust will bring a certain understanding...on my path to the truth!

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  1. Oppertunities and learning to notice them in a real and functional way ROCKS... I really like the "feel" of you first blog post here and look forward to reading many ore to follow... I like you also believe that Wujifa practices rocks!

    I've posted a few posts on Wujifa as well... Stop by and visit: an share some thoughts there too.