Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting results...

Getting results...

What do we want out of our training? What is the underlying purpose?
"To be happy"...Yes, this is the greatest underlying motive in all of our lives...But let me chunk down for a moment.

Presumably, we do stance for various personal reasons...When I answer the "What do you want in life and in training?" question, I invariably answer "To be happy", but what does this imply in zhan zhuang (and to a larger extent, all IMA practice)? What sort of "happiness" can arise from practicing stance?

I recently read a post by Dan about Motivation...For him motivation, and by extension, happiness, has become about getting results: poise and comfort in being. And while we all have our own levels of understanding (where you are is where you are and thats where you start) and practice, I'm not so sure what this all means to me.

Certainly, when I practice stance I feel erect, dignified and to an extent comfortable (aside from the burning thighs!) and this has become my motivation to practice. But a part of me wants more...wants this to extend to movement, natural being and eventually martial prowess. Do I lack understanding of the internal process? Am I being impatient?

For now, all I know is to keep practicing...


  1. Nice post... I believe "Seeking More" in natural and to some degree we can call this drive. A functional healthy drive... Let's say pictures in a future timeline... We can call this vision. People have a vision and are drawn towards this vision we could even put this in the intention area... Although good intention can lead to... let's say it this way... Keeping our eyes on the road... Which means focusing on what's happening now, we'll call this awareness (which is KEY) while we have an intention of where we want to go too or headed too... Although when we drive we pay attention and adjust our path on the road based on what is around us now. Sometimes we get lost then we need to check the map or get verification let's say... And of course there is the whole road signs thing. I'm sure your following me Aho... Even if others may not understand exactly... I really enjoyed this posting and I feel you brother... Keep rock'n it!

  2. Much appreciation for the response! Your thoughts on awareness, intention and drive are truly helpful...

    Going to keep on driving...;D

  3. Hey Brotherman... I want to clarify myself a little bit. Motivation, "to me" "right now", is about results but happiness seems to be more of a biproduct.

    For me, happiness is like a bird that runs away every time I chase it. However, the more I'm living my life from a place of (for lack of a better or more clear word) "authenticity", the more I find this little guy landing on my shoulder.

    I wish you the best, and hopefully we'll see you out at class soon!

  4. Thanks for the kind words and reply Dan...Happiness as a biproduct and authenticity...Very interesting!

    I hope all is well and hope to make it back out there soon!

  5. Hey Aho

    Here is a little model Mr Twenty (Twitter @mr2020) has been using.

    Level 1 - I want (they get a hit when the get it)
    Level 2 - Avoid (lot's of energy spent avoiding)
    Level 3 - I want that and Avoid this. (Lot's of drama)
    Level 4 - Data (not much emotion lot's of information)
    Level 5 - Playing the game riding the ups and downs knowing how to play
    Level 6 - Natural being, think being in the moment or thinking without thinking.

    Happiness like Dan suggests as being a by-product shows up in any of the levels in the above model... At levels 5 and 6 happiness as a by-product shows up in a should I say more often or more filling way.

    Again this isn't my model tweet @mr2020 and I'm sure he could share more about his model. I bring this up as another way of noticing.