Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taking responsibility in Life and Training

The past few days have been really eye opening for me not just within training, but in learning about myself and who I am; what I consider my limits and what I can surpass in reality. Often times we set ourselves up and give in to the more lower levels of behavior and thought, telling ourselves to give up while ahead, afraid of the consequences of our actions and a fear of the unknown. What if something happens that I might regret? What if I get sick or hurt myself? What if the hard work just sucks and I don't want to go through with it? Unfortunately I have conditioned myself over the years in this very pattern of thought/behavior. Being spoon fed throughout my life I can recall the countless demonstrations of this mode of behavior...from quitting every sport I did as a kid in favor of video games and tv, in school never really having an opinion in political debate, and even in stance in instances of compromise ("I can skip it for now if I just do more later", etc.), I have rarely demonstrated a hard fought grit or determination in my daily affairs. Ultimately, at the root of my problem is a lack of responsibility. Making excuses, taking the easy way out, saying "I don't really care" is in actuality saying "I'm afraid to take responsibility for the things I do". There is also a sense of fear...fear of taking action and taking responsibility.

But now I'm taking a stance...I'm "man-ing up" as it were. I'm beginning to realize that its OK to be scared, its OK to fail, SO LONG AS YOU TAKE ACTION. ACTION must be responsible, ACTION must be real and thought out (not blind or stupid), and if it is, ACTION can become PROGRESS. PROGRESS because in our failures we will have taken responsibility and acted, growing as a person that can accept failure, learn from it and move on. PROGRESS in knowing that we are moving towards something better through ACTION and ANALYSIS. Not dwelling on our losses but investing in them, and this all begins with the simple act of NOTICING. I was recently told that "Noticing changes everything"...a simple yet profound truth that I am realizing more and more each day in so many applications.

So from now on, I will follow through with my word. If noticing is the first step, then action/doing is the next. I have noticed, I am acting, and I am scared and nervous; but in this knowledge I am comforted in the responsibility and know that I will be all the better for it...

...I am READY! (bring it on world! ;D )


  1. A man's word is one way we can notice a man. One's word is a very spiritual thing. One should choose his words carefully... And based on a reflection of his deeper principles and beliefs. So much can be notice about one's self when a man follows through with and takes action upon his princples and beliefs.

    It's OK to change one's mind and at times we may discover new insights that bring deeper awareness about ourselves and the make-up of what we believe. Changing our mind based on something deeper that is discovered is also empowering. This is different than avoidance. This is self discovery in taking action and doing and it starts with one's word and one's words. Being willing to notice... Mistakes and to take action and the commitment to correct and do what it takes to make things right.

    Response-ability is about taking actions and following through and it is grounded in ones word. It is grounded in ones word and the willingness to notice and change and grow as we follow through and discover more of the deeper person inside instead of hiding in the shallows pretending we are something else.

    Thank you for sharing thesecwords here in your blog! I feel inspired by them and your openess and honest in who you are and what your noticing. Yes, this rocks and contributes to me and many others I'm sure... Thanks again!

  2. Wow! I feel some real power in the spirit of your writing! I don't know quite how to respond. Feel like I wanna say something. For now, I'll leave it at... wow, how's this for an example of where I am? (Don't know... I wanna... but nah...) Life in three little sentences. Your post is inspiring!!!!

    Mike from http://internalgongfu.blogspot.com/

  3. Hey mate,

    Thank you for sharing some very cool insights. Thank you RICK for sending me here.

    As we become more response-able and responsible, we get to notice increasing opportunities to become more aware.

    Without more awareness, there is no ability to become more responsible.

    The play of the insubstantial and the substantial.

    Nice post, thank you for sharing it.

    Twenty Twenty

  4. Aho... I know you have posted before about one definition of "Aho". Please, consider that it's also a pilot's abbreviation for "Above Highest Obstacle". The highest obstacle to one's practice of wujifa can be ambivalence, a lack of personal responsibility. Continue along the path you've set for yourself, and you will truly be AHO.

  5. Apologies for the late reply everyone but just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate the responses very much! I will continue writing this blog and hope that we can all benefit together on this path we call life...

  6. ...desire...faith...thought out planning to obtain goals...borderline obsessive diligence...just a few things I've been kicking around...