Thursday, November 19, 2009

The unfortunate practice of neglect...

Without even realizing it, I've reached almost a whole month since my last post. It's interesting how the unfortunate "practice" of neglect/non-practice can become a habit gaining ground more and more despite ones efforts otherwise. In this case it's true, "The devil is diligent, and so must we be"(that was a paraphrase...) and as I work towards specific goals (one hour stance! or in this case, blogging) I've found that as soon as I let laziness or excuses in, they crowd out my better judgement. Poor judgement leads to poor habits and as we've all more than likely experienced, a decline in practice only hurts us...

Recently, I've asked myself, why do I practice? What do I hope to achieve through one hour stance (at least) twice a day? I told myself that it was to develop connections, to utilize proper "internal" mechanics, but ultimately, I think I practice because it makes me happy. I practice because when I don't practice, my body just feels off. Whether this is just a result of built in habit or not, this is where I am now, and this is how I feel.

And while I haven't gotten to that magic one hour, I intend to kick up my practice a notch, because in the end, we aren't practicing for anyone else, but ourselves...


  1. Sometimes a bit-size goal is easier to swallow. Try breaking up the big goals... make it an intermediate goal to do 5 more minutes of stance a day for the next week, and see how that goes!

  2. Thanks for the advice! I'm definitely taking things slowly, just a bit at a time...kind of like my blog post...eventually I'll build up that momentum! ;D

  3. Yeah, I'm happier when I am standing. I feel like I'm accomplishing something even if I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything. Cuz if I'm not standing then I'm definitely not accomplishing anything. Some time is better than no time. Persistence is key.