Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm still alive!

Just wanted to say Happy (belated) New Year to all, and hope you've all been well over the past few weeks!

Training has been full of its ups and downs for me as of late...ranging from full out one hour stance every day to a few spots of not practicing at all, I have not been as consistent as one would hope. As I continue into this new year, I look towards the future knowing that I am slowly (but surely) progressing to something better and hope that we can all continue to positively influence each other in many ways.

Thanks for everything and Happy 2010!


  1. Woohoo... Happy New Year... and new decade... Rock-N-Roll

    Holidays can rock and roll with training for sure...

  2. It's all about staying on the horse, and climbing back on if you fall off. Looking forward to training with you more!